Витраж Лайф

Все виды художественных витражей: витраж в технике тиффани, фьюзинг, стекломозаики, витраж с росписью по стеклу. А также создание комплексного дизайна интерьера с использованием элементов витража, росписи, мозаики и эксклюзивных разработок.


Stained glass - is a work of decorative art, so the price is determined individually.

How the total price of a stained-glass is formed?

The ultimate value is made of the following parts:

  • Development of the concept, designs and cardboard (template of future stained glass in full size).
  • Costs of manufacturing of stained glass (depending on technique and complexity of the figure).
  • Costs of frame and other fixing constructions.
  • Costs of installation works.

What determines the price?

The cost of stained glass is largely dependent on the manufacture of glass (chosen by you from the offered options), the number of items of stained glass and the complexity of the original picture-design.

The price is also dependenton the location of stained glass. For example - stained glass ceiling is more expensive than the stained glass window in the partition.

Why we?

Our main profile - is manufacture of all types of stained glass. Our stained glass decorates the homes in many regions of Ukraine. The work of our studio - is the result of work of professionals who know how to make stained glass not only beautiful, but technologically high-quality. Wide experience helps us to find a nontrivial and really creative approach to solving any tasks.

All of our stained glass windows are made toindividual orders.It’s author’s, an exclusive product, and we guarantee that the stained glass we make would be one of the kind.

How to order a stained glass?

To order the manufacture and to buy the artistic stained glass in Kiev, Donetsk, Odessa, Dnepropetrovsk, Simferopol, Kharkov, or any other city of Ukraine – please call at our contact number, or send us a message-order and we will contact you.


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