Витраж Лайф

Все виды художественных витражей: витраж в технике тиффани, фьюзинг, стекломозаики, витраж с росписью по стеклу. А также создание комплексного дизайна интерьера с использованием элементов витража, росписи, мозаики и эксклюзивных разработок.

О нас

Manufacture of artistic stained glass - this is our main direction. Our company is engaged in the design and manufacture of stained glass both simple, elegant, laconic, and complex, with art patterned drawing. In this case any of our works is unique and one of a kind. Each of our stained glass - is a work of art, which, thanks to high-quality imported and domestic materials, will stand for many decades. The stained glass we make does not fade in the sun, does not paste up because of rain, and, eventually, won’t lose its brightness. Our experience of work with artistic stained glass is more than 10 years, as we have worked professionally in this field since 1997.

In addition to making stained glass, we are also engaged in the design and creation of the complex interior design of residential buildings, cottages, churches, restaurants, cafes, bars, billiard clubs, and swimming pools. 
In this case we use not only the artistic stained glass, but also develop the exclusive design elements. It includes artistic wall paintings, mosaic, monumental work with stone, clay and wood. Our studio can help you realize any artistic ideas and intentions.

The range of our services to create stained glass includes:

  • creation and development of designs for stained glass
  • manufacture of cardboard for stained glass
  • production of stained glass in the Tiffany technique, Fusing
  • installation of the finished product

Additional individual services

  • creation of the complex interior design with stained glass, mosaics, wall paintings
  • creating and laying out the exclusive mosaic of all types and sizes, paintings of walls and ceilings.

We are located in Kiev city. We perform the work both in Kiev and throughout Ukraine. Our stained glass windows adorn the houses, apartments and cottages in cities such as Kyiv, Donetsk, Dnepropetrovsk, Kharkov, Odessa, Simferopol, Yalta. Restaurants in Kiev, Donetsk, Odessa. As well as churches in the Kiev region.

In our every project we seek to find an individual approach to each client, to find the best solution, as well as the possibility of its realization.

At the core of our business is a creative approach at all stages of the project. The quality and professionalism – are the main criteria of our work.

Our experts are constantly improving existing technology, as well as looking for new, allowing us to realize the most daring ideas of the customer.

We are ready to collaborate with architects, design studios, carpentry groups, and other firms of artistic direction.

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Our team at work

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